FluentLenium is a React ready website automation framework which extends Selenium to write readable, reusable, reliable and resilient UI functional tests. It’s written and maintained by people who are automating browser-based tests on a daily basis.

FluentLenium provides a Java fluent interface to Selenium, and brings some magic to avoid common issues faced by Selenium users.

FluentLenium is shipped with adapters for JUnit4, JUnit5 , TestNG, Spock , Spring TestNG , Cucumber and Kotest, but it can also be used standalone.

FluentLenium best integrates with AssertJ, but you can also choose to use the assertion framework you want.


Complete FluentLenium Javadoc is available on fluentlenium.io/javadoc

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If you have any comment, remark or issue, please open an issue on FluentLenium Issue Tracker